Scales for life - pretty up life with ease

Scale after scale accurate to a single gram and beautiful into the bargain ... for more than half a decade ADE consumer line scales have been setting new standards for weighing. And it's the same with ADE kitchen aids, which provide any dish to be a success to the point. Any kitchen scale, bathroom scale, body analyser scale and luggage scale, any kitchen timer and kitchen thermometer satisfies the highest demands regarding functionality, modern lifestyle and value for money.
2013 is the year of ease regarding the world of ADE scales, timers and thermometers. Many of them now present themselves lightly and airily in these new, soft non-colours. Some just remain what they ever were and rely on clean lines and pure elegance. To operate them is getting more and more easy-going: some of the scales manage to run with just one button. That's easy!
Waagen-Schmitt GmbH, one of seven partners in our company group, has assumed sole responsibility for the sales business of the ADE consumer line scales and measuring devices. With a trained and observant eye for market trends and customer needs, the sales team ensures a rapid and well-placed product presence for both bricks-and-mortar stores and internet portals.
Our ADE consumer line kitchen scales, bathroom scales, luggage scales and kitchen aids now have secured a permanent market share and can be found on sale in more than 25 countries around the globe - not just (of course) in Germany, but also in the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Australia and the USA.