Kitchen appliances

For over 80 years ADE has been a manufacturer of professional scales & machines for the catering trade. From this experience we draw the quality and user-friendliness of our KA series for the private kitchen. Our all-purpose slicer in Italian design, the powerful meat grinder or our citrus juicer with glass carafe are real kitchen professionals with a guarantee of success.

Kitchen scales

Colourful or playful, puristic or with technical refinements ‒ here\'s the right scale for every taste: Rebecca, weighing station with automatic measuring cup recognition detects as soon as the measuring cup is in use. At Alessa, aluminium is the highlight: the aluminium housing encloses the scale like a second skin. Bowl scale Shirley comes in a nostalgic design. It bakes cakes and muffins as delicious as in the good old days.

Kitchen aids

Ambitious hobby chefs rely on professional aids for frying, grilling and baking, who comfortably watch over the cooking point. This is where the wireless roasting thermometer with two temperature sensors comes into play: the kitchen assistant watches over the grill and oven at the same time to ensure that everything works perfectly. Even better: crispy, medium or liquid core ‒ with our kitchen timers even small miracles succeed.

Body analyser scales

The professionalism of a manufacturer of medical scales and measuring instruments is also reflected in the ADE body analysis scales for the private sector. You recognize it with the greatest care and the highest standards of material, workmanship and accuracy our scales are manufactured. Outstanding example of maximum well-being: Malou, body analyser scale with seven body values, including body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI and BMR.

Bathroom scales

To be in balance, to feel good in your own skin. This also includes keeping an eye on your weight ‒ but please with a good portion of serenity. Our personal scales with integrated BMI calculation, Lilian and Linette, help you to do this. Both have an elegant plastic frame so that they don\'t harm the walls. Our scales made of certified bamboo wood, Luna and Martina, offer comfortable warmth for sensitive feet.

Wellbeing Breathing

Relax, take a deep breath, feel good ‒ good air turns your own four walls into an oasis. ADE\'s beautifully designed solutions make it easy. The air purifier with 5 activated carbon filters works against harmful gases, eliminates microorganisms and odours. The USB humidifier refreshes the room air with cold mist ‒ even in the car. The shapely aroma diffuser provides inspiration and relaxation through light and scent.

Wellbeing Wake up

Alarm clocks and watches help us to make everyday life more stress-free. With our Wake-up light you can do this as soon as you wake up: gently and naturally it accompanies you through the day. The ADE alarm clock with flip numbers exudes the charm of the seventies: the bedside table companion for retro fans flips quietly. Wake up with music and fall asleep with an audio book ‒ the radio alarm clock with Bluetooth loudspeaker makes it come true.

Wellbeing Mirrors

The opener of the new ADE product category is a true highlight: the double-sided make-up mirror. Thanks to shadow-free all-around illumination, variable dimming and 5x magnification every user will shine with beauty. The beauty expert puts HER and HIM in the best light. During facial care and shaving, make-up and hair-styling - no detail will be missed. Just all-around care at its best.

Weather stations and hygrometers

From the entry-level model with temperature and air pressure measurement to the air pressure gauge with climate monitoring at 4 locations ‒ our range of weather stations is enormous and serves every need. With analogue and digital weather stations with rain measurement, several wireless outdoor sensors, smartphone charging function and many features more.

Program with the Mouse: license edition

News from the Mouse! Happy scales, clocks and alarms for the kitchen, bathroom and kids room. Two lines of design with Mouse and Elephant for kids and grown-ups - from friendship to adventure, in strong colours to a retro chic style. Not to forget the maritim Hamburg edition. This program will let the heart of Mouse fans beat faster.


Travelling completely relaxed – and safe money. Holidays start or end at the check-in counter. Yet excess luggage often is responsible for enormous extra-costs. With ADE consumer line luggage scales it is easy to check suitcases and bags already at home or at the hotel. Thus a lot of money is saved and unpleasant surprises at the airport avoided. Smart features such as automatic hold function and tare function ensure a comfortable weighing process.


To feel better, in your own time, without excessive performance pressure – that is the goal of our FITvigo programme. One step ahead: FITvigo – the feel-good app that has already won two awards in 2017: the iF as well as the German Design Award. Completing the package: our FITvigo connected health products – a new activity tracker, personal scales and blood pressure monitors. Latest data protection included!


Discover the new
ADE Consumer Catalog 2019
"Live the moment"with
many new products
for more happy moments
at home.

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Weather stations & hygrometers

Discover innovative
weather stations with
practical smartphone
charging function and
our hygrometers -
quite classic analog
or digital.

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Program with the Mouse

Happy scales, clocks
and alarms for the
kitchen, bathroom
and kids room. Two
lines of design with
Mouse and Elephant
for kids and grown-ups.

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Operating manuals

Check here if you are looking for the user manuals of our consumer products: personal and body analyser scales, kitchen scales, luggage scales, adeVital and FITvigo products, BBQ-thermometers, weather stations and hygrometers, key finder, wall clocks, and much more.
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Stockist directory

Are you looking for ADE kitchen or bathroom scales? Here are the links to our partners:
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Passion for home

Welcome to the consumer world of ADE! Once again we have compiled a sortiment for our partners, filled with new and familiar things that make everyday life easier, richer and create special moments. Little moments full of freshness, enjoyment, vitality, energy and well-being. From a grinder for fresh minced meat, to the humidifier for relaxed breathing, up to a feel-good alarm clock for eased waking up. Every product has it’s own key moment.
Our answer to the increasing demand for freshness: new products clevely wired. Prepared with a meat grinder, a vegetable grater and a spice and coffee grinder, now there is not just food to be served, but soul food. The recipe? Take many market-fresh ingredients and prepare heavenly burgers, crunchy vegetable bowls, spicy espresso and infinetely more.
Another highlight: The Program with the Mouse – edition 2018. The fancy scales, wall and alarm clocks for kids and grown-ups featuring the Mouse and the Elefant and will thrill their fans.
Our pioneer in the matter of climate change: the USB humidifier. For good breathing air, wherever you are: at home, in the car or in the office.
Another ADE highlight without any doubt is FITvigo, the feel-good app with its allied product series. FITvigo is developed for all those, who like to take more care of themselves and their health. Just recently the app has been awarded twice: with the German Design Award and the iF Design Award. Perfect addition to FITvigo is its associated program of smart products like body analyser scales, blood pressure monitors and brand-new activity trackers with pulse function.
The exclusive sales responsibility for scales and lifestyle products of ADEs consumer line lies in the hands of Waagen-Schmitt. With a flair for market trends and customers desires the sales team guarantees quick and specific presence in trades shelfs and web portals.